Some character sketches!

Hope you’ll like it!

wow it’s been a while since I posted something… I’ve been really busy finishing my short film, but it’s almost finished! From now I’ll be posting more often!

For my grand return I present… A 80’s BMX monster!

Hope you’ll like it!

My very first attempt to ink comic book style, I’ve got a TON to learn.

But still pretty happy with the result!

Hope you’ll like it!

 In some of my earlier posts I’ve been mentioning that I was creating an animated short film as part of my final college project. But kept myself from showing anything on the world wide web.

Well, here are 3 screenshots!

Meet Jelly Pete and Tooko Paka! The 2 main characters.

The short is called ”Rends-Moi Ma Rose!” or ” Gimme Back Rose!” and should be out in June.

It goes without saying that this is taking a lot of my time, so I won’t be posting as much, but i’ll still try to keep the blog active.

Hope you’ll like it!

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